Committed to Servicing Your Systems

Established in 2002, choose Audience for your business electronics needs—a trusted provider at AT&T Stadium and throughout the DFW area. Our professional team ensures customized design and installation, aiming to exceed your expectations. Whether upgrading an existing system or seeking something entirely new, we commit to being your long-term partner, servicing and enhancing your environment to support and elevate your business.

Our Services

Our services include but are not limited to:

Tailoring sound environments for optimal acoustics and privacy.

Implementing seamless control solutions for enhanced efficiency.

Building robust communication networks for seamless business operations.

Designing and optimizing network infrastructures for connectivity.

Providing comprehensive services from conceptualization to execution.

Creating immersive audio and video experiences across spaces.

Integrating smart solutions for climate and lighting management.

Ensuring the ongoing performance and longevity of installed systems.

Delivering top-notch visual solutions for various applications.

Every installation scenario is unique and our professional installation team can tailor your LED video wall setup to your specific needs. Whether it's a custom-sized video wall, a curved installation, or a creative arrangement, our experienced installers can adapt to any challenge and deliver a solution that aligns perfectly with your desired vision.

Professional Design & Installation

As a comprehensive provider of commercial and business services across various mediums, our full-service team specializes in professional design and installation. We deliver the latest audio and video system solutions, ensuring years of seamless enjoyment and optimal functionality for our clients.

Ready to elevate your business with the best in AV technology? Contact us today for a seamless design and installation experience tailored to your needs.