Televisions / Projectors

Modern high definition televisions come in a variety of screen sizes ranging from conveniently compact to astonishingly large. With wide viewing angles, minimal light reflection, and thin profiles, they’re sure to live up to their job being the center of attention.

Should you want to explore the new 3-D television options, we have those as well. Television technology quickly evolves and changes. Trust Audience, Inc. to provide you with the most up-to-date television options and recommendations for your space, budget, and desires.

Break the boundaries of television screen sizes by making a high definition video projector the star of your show. Projectors have a small footprint but have huge impact in your home theater or business space. Surprisingly, projectors and screen options can fit a variety of budget and space constraints.

Hidden Video is another video panel option. View that television when you want and hide it when it’s not in use. Hidden video options include framed mirrors, motorized art panels, and motorized cabinets that move your television up for viewing or back into the cabinet when unused.

With Audience, Inc., the possibilities are endless. For all spaces and applications, we have the optimal viewing solution.

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