Distributed Audio/Video

Listen or watch when you want, where you want

Want to get more enjoyment out of your system and use it more often?  Set yourself and your entertainment free with a distributed audio and video system. Enjoy the freedom of listening to your music collection in multiple rooms, or watching your favorite movies or shows on the TV you choose.

You Decide Where to Enjoy Your Entertainment

If you’ve ever wished you could be enjoying your music, movies or shows in a room other than the one your “main system” is in, then you should consider a distributed audio and video system. Taking full advantage of your structured wiring system, a distributed audio and video system delivers signals all throughout your home or business from one centralized group of equipment. Enjoy music on the patio, watch the morning news on a TV in your bathroom or bedroom as you get ready in the morning, entertain your guests with a variety of music and video throughout your space, or preview a training video in your office and then again minutes later in your boardroom.

Enjoy More Entertainment with Less Equipment

With a distributed audio and video system, you’re maximizing the equipment you have. If you have one media player (and/or server), you can run that signal to as many TVs as you’d like, with no need for another media player. Enjoy music in every room with only one receiver.  Have multiple satellite receivers/dvrs in a central location with the ability to watch them on any or all your televisions.  You don’t need to recreate an entire system in each area, only supplement it with the right pieces – speakers, a TV…

Optimize your investment, and maximum the enjoyment from your system.

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