Acoustics & Sound Isolation

After months or years of dreaming about and designing your home theater set up, you finally make your decision to commit to a new home theater.

You sit down in your new plush chair and hit play, ready to finally enjoy all your hard work.

That’s when you realize your new system does not have the same sound quality as it did in the retailer’s showroom. You double check the settings are all correct and that’s when you realize that the acoustics of your room are just as important to the overall sound quality as the audio equipment that is being used.

Sound engineers and audio experts have known for years that the physical attributes of the listening room are critical. Unfortunately this can be overlooked by many do-it-yourself shoppers who are trying to set up the perfect home theater.

Speak to us about how we can ensure your home theater investment includes the acoustic planning required for a superior result.

See examples of home theater installations.

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