HVAC and Lighting Control Systems

Control Your Mood with a Single Touch.

In a restaurant, at an office, or at someone else’s home, there is no doubt you have experienced how good lighting design affects a room’s ambiance and mood.

Trying to obtain this look with multiple light switches is difficult not to mention unsightly. Eliminate undue wall clutter with the simple elegance of a lighting control keypad that is able to control either a circuit of lights, an entire room, the entire house/building/business area, or any combination thereof. For example, one four-button lighting keypad in your Master Bedroom can have a button dedicated to turning on/off all of your room’s lighting, another button can dim the lighting to a preset scene for a romantic mood, a third button can light a pathway to your Kitchen, and the fourth button can turn off all of the lights in your house! Lights can be programmed to easily dim or even automatically turn off if natural lighting reaches a certain predefined threshold.

Lighting systems seamlessly integrate with popular automation control systems by Crestron, AMX, and Elan. This further increases convenience and eliminates wall clutter by integrating the lighting controls into a control system touch screen. Once you experience the power and convenience of a lighting control system, you will wonder how you lived without it.

The same holds true for an integrated HVAC system.  Remove those unsightly HVAC control units and opt to integrate climate control into your Home/Office Automation Control system. Strategically placed remote temperature sensors, combined with hidden electronic thermostats can communicate to the installed touch screens so that you can control the temperature of any room of your home/business from the location of your choice.  Program the system to coordinate with the seasonal outdoor temperatures and allow the system to work for you automatically.  You will find the hands off efficiency to be a valuable comfort and convenience.

With an investment into lighting controls and/or HVAC controls, your lighting fixtures will last longer, your HVAC units will run efficiently, your energy consumption will decrease, and you can proudly feel your “green” contributions to the environment not to mention the overall savings in electricity cost felt in your wallet.

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